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Способы оплаты: Нал / Безнал

The type BR24-F-ST actuator is intended for the operation of smoke dampers in ventilation and air-conditioning systems.
The modification and mounting of the actuator to the smoke damper are made by the manufacturer of the damper. For this reason the actuator is only supplied directly to fire and smoke damper manufacturers. The manufacturer then bearsoverall responsibility for proper functioningof the damper.

There are two fixed microswitches in the actuator BR24-F-ST for indicating the end positions of the damper. Intermediate positions of the damper blade are shown by a mechanical indicator.

Manual operation
The damper can be operated manually by means of a crank handle. The functional check of the damper is therefore possible by simple means.

The actuator BR24-F-ST is compatible with the control unit for pulse triggering BSIA24-48(-R).

Технические характеристики

Nominal voltageAC 24 V 50/60Hz, DC 24 V
Nominal voltage rangeAC/DC 20.4 ... 28.8 V
Fore wire sizing15 VA
Power consumption12 W running / 1.2 W at end position
Cable typeC2
Auxiliary switches2 x SPDT 6 (3) A, AC 250 V- Switching points 5°, 80°
Direction of rotationselected by mounting L / R
Torque15 Nm
Angle of rotation95°
Damper rotation12 mm form-fit
Running time‹ 30 s
Sound power level60 dB (A)
Service life min.10 000 operations
Position indication mechanical with pointer
EMCCE according 89/336/EEC and 92/31/EEC
Weight2200 g
Protection classIII
Degree of protectionIP 54
Ambient temperature range- 30…+50°C
Safe temperature- 30... + 70°C (24h guaranteed safety)
Non-operating temperature- 40...+ 80°C
Humidity testto EN 60335-1
Torque of stoppagemin. 30 Nm (static)
Connecting cable- Motor 1m long, 3 x 0.75mm2 (with plug 3 pole) - Auxiliary switches 1m long, 6 x 0.75mm2 (with plug 3 pole)